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8th Biennial of Moving Images
5 November - 12 December 1999

hors-compétition 2

NÄSÄNEN Elena (Finlande)
Before Rain, Finlande, 1998
(international competition)

BERARD Stéphane (F), Mortinsteinck, France,1998, 75'
A young man is invited to a party. He doesn't know that his life is going to change. In a well-informed amateur style, this low-tech & no-budget fiction brings the spectator as far as Croatia.

BENARD Thomas, BLANC Grégoire, BONINSEGNI Kim Sop, DE KIMPE Benoît (CH), WHITE CUBE THEME, 1999, 60 min
A vehicle with a crew of four follows an urban trajectory, during the course of which - and depending on the sound-ambiances - the film develops in a subjective manner, offering an unusual sightseeing of Geneva.

CAHEN Robert (F), Compositeurs à l'écoute, France, 1998, 31'
This INA/France 3 coproduction directed for the 50th anniversary of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales lets us discover, through a non-chronological collective portrait of componists, a panorama of the history of concrete music and its different periods.

MOGRABI Avi, Happy Bithday Mr. Mograbi, Israel, 1999, 77'
Avi Mograbi is hired by a TV producer to make a film about the celebrations of Israel's fiftieth anniversary as well as, simultaneously, by a Palestinian film-producer. The Palestinians, too, mark the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem (Nakba).
Mograbi, who doesn't shy away from anything, accepts both assignments and makes a film of which he takes advantage to celebrate his own anniversary.

WOODWARD Sharon, 4 play, GB, 1998, 52'
Following the twists and turns of art therapist Sally Jenkins' hunt for a lover, this fiction mixes improvised drama with a documentary style.

- Hors-compétition 1 program
BERARD Stéphane, Mortinsteinck, 1998, 75 min., France

- Hors-compétition 2
BENARD Thomas, BLANC Grégoire, BONINSEGNI Kim Sop, DE KIMPE Benoît, WHITE CUBE THEME, 1999, 60 min, Switzerland
CAHEN Robert, Compositeurs à l'écoute, 1998, 31 min., France
WOODWARD Sharon, 4 play, 1998, 52 min., GB

- Avi Mograbi
Happy Bithday Mr. Mograbi, 1999, 77 min., Israel