Visions of the world
This 6th International Video Week will question the influence that the flow of images from all parts of the world has on the way that the world is seen. The abstract representation which we have of the world has been changing considerably since satellites started picking up and retransmitting images, since the advent of computer networks. Images are now part of a common, shared or appropriated reality. Consequently, this outflow of images becomes (once more) a language, a common matter from which very different discourses and attitudes emerge. Seminars, exhibition and programmes are approached from this angle.

This four-day seminar is open to some 100 participants, who should sign up beforehand. This reflection time is intended to provide an opportunity for both professionals and amateurs to consider the work of Filliou, Marker and Debord in a broader context, in particular to question the up dating of their thinking in a global society with a so called single market.
Jean-Hubert Martin
Director of the Château de Oiron and of the Musée des Arts Africains et Océaniens in Paris. J.-H. Martin will talk about the work of Robert Filliou.
Giorgio Agamben
Philosopher, writer in Venice, Professor to the Collège interna-
tional de philosophie, Paris. G. Agamben will talk about Guy Debord's films.
Derrick de Kerckhove
Professor at the University of Toronto and Director of the McLuhan Institute of Culture and Technology.
2 other conferences will also be held by :
Raymond Bellour on Chris Marker, and
Beat Streuli on his own work

Special programmes
curated and presented by:
Saskia Bos
Director since 1984 of De Appel, the Amsterdam art centre, Saskia Bos has also been a curator for several exhibitions, such as Sonsbeek 86, Aperto in Venice in 1988 and Jetztzeit in Vienna, 1994.
Rudolf Frieling
A critic, curator in charge of the media library of the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, he was also curator of the Berlin VideoFest from 1988 to 1994.
Carole Ann Klonarides
Curator at the Long Beach Museum of Modern Art, she was also responsible for the Artists' Television Network and co-directed videos under the name of MICA TV.
Stéphanie Moisdon Trembley / Nicolas Trembley
Free-lance curators, (Printemps de Cahors, 1995, X/Y, Paris,1995) collaborators at Centre Georges Pompidou, founders of bdv (edition of artists videos); Stéphanie Moisdon Trembley is an art-critic for Bloc Notes.
Johan Grimonprez / Herman Asselberghs
As director of Kobarweng, J. Grimonprez obtained the first prize at the 5th S.I.V., H. Asselberghs is a collaborator of Andere Sinema and the STUC in Louvain. Together they designed a programme of videos in the form of an exhibition which can be seen in the lobby of the Hôtel du Rhône.

Exhibition (Nov. 3 - Dec. 3)
A World at Home
By their recurrent presence, images on screen acquire a reality of their own becoming part of everyone's daily life, as concrete objects cross over the field of vision.
Artists taking part in this exhibition treat images as things and television as a daily presence. Working in various ways in this many-sided mediatic universe, artists focus ironically on its meaning and lucidly on its power.
Heiner Blum (D)
Klaus vom Bruch (D)
Claude Closky (F)
Sylvie Fleury (CH)
Karen Kilimnik (USA)
Matthieu Laurette (F)
Guido Nussbaum (CH)


Chris Marker
Video and films
Born in 1921, Marker has trailed his camera from Asia to provincial France. His films bear witness to a certain political commitment, often directly tuned in to the current events of the time. His subjective and humorous presence, bearing the stamp of structuralism makes him the figurehead of the documentary film &laqno;d'auteur». With his clear, lucid outlook, he questions the status of image and their discourse with a very special poetry and subtlety.

Robert Filliou
Video and films
Robert Filliou (1926 - 1987), one of the main protagonists of FLUXUS, claimed responsibility for bringing art and life closer. In the 60s and 70s he took part in important exhibitions such as the 1972 documenta. Many retrospectives were devoted to him, particularly in the Kunsthalle in Berne, Basel and Dusseldorf and at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris. One of the rooms at the Geneva Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) is devoted solely to him. If his plastic work is well known, his films and his videotapes are less so, yet their philosophical, utopian and universal dimensions make them masterpieces of their kind.

Guy Debord
Video and films
The figurehead of situationism, Guy Debord was the author of many political and critical texts including La Société du Spectacle, Panégyrique and the Commentaires sur la Société du Spectacle. The importance of these texts for understanding the mechanisms of contemporary society is indisputable. His uncompromising criticism of capitalism makes him a leading light of revolutionary thought. The films which he has produced will be presented as both testimony and a tribute but above all because of their current relevance to the debate on the media.

International Competition
40 videotapes have been selected out of the 550 entries received
from 40 countries. The selection committee was composed of André Iten, Nicolas Trembley and Roger Godat. The prizes will be awarded by an international jury.
Art schools' programmes
A selection of recent productions from Swiss art schools.

Some other archives about the 6th IVW (only in french) from l'AGI (Agence Genevoise d'Information).