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7th International Video Week *(Biennial of the Moving Images)

The meeting place for artists and their audience

The International Video Week (IVW) is one of the most important events devoted to artists' videos and films. This biennial launched and organised by the Images Department of Saint-Gervais Geneva gathers the best of contemporary video creation. The IVW is the meeting place for Swiss as well as foreign artists and institutions. It places Switzerland and Geneva at the heart of this type of cultural events.

The 7th IVW will be held from 31 October till 8 November 1997 in Saint-Gervais, Geneva. A part from the international competition, the 7th IVW will offer events covering larger fields of interests: an exhibition, retrospectives, lectures by artists, «cartes blanches» (i.e. special programmes) and seminars. Non-stop projections will take place every day from 2:00 p.m. till midnight. Prize award ceremony: Saturday 8 November.

The international competition includes a selection of video works produced in 1996/1997. It provides a horizontal cross-section of current video section and reveals the new trends. A jury of international personalities from the world of art will award several prizes, for a total amount of CHF 20'000.-. This competition opened to the audience at large is an opportunity to show the recent works of well-known artists and to discover new talents.

Parallelly to this programme, three retrospectives of major artists working in the field of experimental fim and video are set up. It is an opportunity to discover or see again the integral work of Belgian director Chantal Akerman whose work, situated somewhere between fiction and documentary, throws a light on the meaning of life by decomposing daily life. The projection of a part of Rebecca Horn's (Germany) films and videos is rare enough to be mentioned: it will allow the audience to approach the fundamental work of this artist, who, with her rich and personal symbolism, emphasizes the stakes between the individual and the world. The Swiss artist Roman Signer, whose works and explosive performances compose the third part of these retrospectives, has dedicated his research to the imminent nature of powers and to the energy potential of the elements.

Around those three artists, lectures will be given by special guests and art critics. The viewers who would like to attend them are invited to register in advance. There will be also a seminar about Gilles Deleuze's work.

Numerous artists' performances as well as special programmes set up by personalities of the art world will constitute a specific part of chosen works around a theme: The Social Body.

Parallelly, an exhibition will take place in the rooms of Saint-Gervais Geneva between 1 October and 9 November 1997. Video installations will be shown: by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Ohne Titel (Without Title) (1995) and others artists like Chris Marker, Eric Lanz and the gathering of Huber, Pocock and Wenz.

A network of cultural partners formed around the 7th IVW: simultaneously, galleries, art centres and museums in Geneva, Lausanne and Bern propose to the audience at large about twenty exhibitions concerning video, art and cinematography.

André Iten, Director
with the collaboration of Simon Lamunière and Jacques Boesch
Marie-Claude Barbier and Nedim Behar (Press Service)

7th International Video Week
Saint-Gervais Geneva
5, rue du Temple CH-1201 Geneva Tel.
(+4122) 908 20 60 Fax
(+4122) 908 20 01

Films and videos by
Chantal Akerman (B)
Rebecca Horn (D)
Roman Signer (CH)

Fischli / Weiss : Ohne Titel, 1995
Felix S. Huber / Philip Pocock / Florian Wenz : A description of the Equator and Some OtherLands, 1997
Chris Marker : Immemory One, 1997
Eric Lanz : 1994/97

Artists' performances
Events and others surprises

Cartes blanches
Special presentations by art and film critics

Lectures / Seminars / Round tables
Seminars on the retrospectives
Seminar paying tribute to Gilles Deleuze
Round tables about publication and distribution

International competition
40 works will be selected from among the 560 viewed
4 will be awarded a prize

Art schools' programmes
Tomorrow's artists

It is essential for an event like the International Video Week to produce a catalogue ; for its audience, for the artists, for the professionals. A tool for work, memory and reflection, this publication is a compilation of a whole series of critical reviews and information on the theme covered, the works and the artists. It is published in French and English.

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