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Subject: Biotech hobbyist information
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 98 13:04:23 +0100
From: (James Wallbank)
To: (Heath Bunting) 
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Hi Heath,
Attached biotech gifs are 100% genuine.
Their source -- 
provides more valuable information/inspiration,
which may be of interest to Biotech Hobbyist Magazine .

Pet as Bioicon.
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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 09:50:20 -0600
To: (Heath Bunting)
From: (Susan Kennard)
Subject: biotech hobbyist
Longevity & Technology to domestic pets throughout the land!
Vive le poodle!

Dear Biotech Hobbyist Magazine,
Wow I've finally found people I can relate
to. For years now I've been working away at
something I thought I was alone in doing I'm
so gald to have found you.  Keep up the good
work its nice to know fellow enthusiasts are
out there.
I'm agog with all the wonderful information
you have in these pages of your magazine. 
Okay its back to work now, but hey lets keep
working cause you never know where this will
take us.
Rob S

From bin  Mon Aug 17 08:10:05 1998
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 17:06:06 -0600
From: (Rob Sauvey)
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Subject: Headless Human Clones-Biotech Hobbist Magazine
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Dear Ms. Starrs,
Thank you for your insightful article re the
Headless Human Clones in the most recent
issue of Biotech Hobbyist magazine.  In my
basement where I live jsut belwo my mom I
have been working away at a very similar idea
for several years now and I would love to
hvae you over for tea so you can see my
latest work.  I'm so glad  you're alive and

Dear Biotech Hobbyist,
I fully understand and support your quantum
leap/paradigm shift from to biotech.
We have, by now, all read the latest
teachings of Critical Art Ensemble in their
Fleshmachine booklet and started to implement
their ideas. The body is, indeed, the final
cyber frontier. But at the same time, I find
this a very Nothern American notion, lacking
any notion of the public. In the end it is
just us, our bodies and the Power. Well, we
can tinker, yes, but is there any notion of
public, or should we just all forget this?
yours, Andre Simon

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