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Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 17:12:48 -0600
From: (Susan Kennard)
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Subject: Post-poodle
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Dear Biotech Hobbyist,
I need your help.  I have an aging poodle (13 years) whose health is failing,
but spirit is bright.  I am hoping that you people involved in the biotech
world can take my dog on as some form of life extension project.  
I am not in a position to pay for this kind of service, however I am willing
to offer you complete biotechnological license over my dog, whose name is
Taco.  Taco is a slightly portly, affectionate, shaggy black poodle. He does
not bark, he loves to sleep under the covers and will do tricks for snacks.
Taco's health issues include, a bad back, deafness and halitosis.  Considering
his advanced age, time is of the essence.  Radical surgery, may be the only
Perhaps Biotech Hobbyist could investigate the possiblity of grafting Taco
onto a host/life sustaining organism?  Do you think Orlan could incorporate
Taco into her surgery schedule? As mentioned, the dog is extremely sweet, and
he could make a lovely addition/companion to Orlan's physical configuration.  
Can you suggest an alternate life extension option?
I anxiously await your response, (Susan Kennard)


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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 21:32:56 -0700
From: (leon cmielewski)
Subject: foreskin
Dear Biotech Hobbyist
I read with interest that one of your first projects was to
"cultivate human skin from foreskin samples" Sadly my foreskin
was cut from my body as a baby and now that I am exploring my
sexuality in different ways....attempting to leave behind the
phallo-logo-centric conditioning for a more fluid and plural
sexuality, I feel the moist flaps and folds and nooks and
crannies of a foreskin could provide me with the layered sexual
explorative experiences that have been denied me by the medical
establishment. My question: Is there a home kit for cultivating
and grafting a foreskin for those of us who lack this most
neccessary (both physically and psychologically) part of the male
Yours hopefully.
Leon Cmielewski - (member of the 'Persons of Dick' activist movement)

Dear Leon Cmielewski,

You might find the following information useful:

Heath Bunting.

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