Seminars/lectures/Round tables

Lectures under the direction of art theoreticians and critics are organised to reflect on the work of Chantal Akerman, Rebecca Horn, Roman Signer and Gilles Deleuze. They are places for sharing, opened to amateurs and professionals who registered beforehand. The seminars are held over four half-days and are open to some 100 people. The registration gives access to all the lectures as well as to all the IVW publications.

Giuliana Bruno / Rebecca Horn — 3 Nov.
A Harvard professor, Giuliana Bruno will analyze Rebecca Horn's work.

Friedemann Malsch / Roman Signer — 4 Nov.
Friedemann Malsch will speak about Roman Signer's work; the artist will be present.

Michael Tarantino / Chantal Akerman — 5 Nov.
Critic and independent commissioner, Michael Tarantino will go through films, videos and the installation D'Est (From the East), Bordering of Fiction by Chantal Akerman; the artist will be present.

Raymond Bellour / Tribute to Gilles Deleuze — 6 Nov.
A seminar paying tribute to Gilles Deleuze is organised by Raymond Bellour, researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, cinema and litterature theoretician.

Round table - 4 Nov. :
Circuit - Video - Network (I), in english

Animation : Robert Fischer (CH), critic
Interveners : Joe Gibbons (USA) artist - Zapp Magazine (NL) Lori Zippay, Electronic Arts Intermix (USA), distibutor - Jay Jopking , White Cube (UK), gallery

Round table - 5 Nov. :
Circuit - Video - Network (II), in french

Animation : Robert Fischer (CH), critic
Interveners : Roman Signer (CH), artist - Martine Dondeyne, HEURE EXQUISE (F), distributor - Nicolas Trembley, BDV (F), distributor - Pierre Huber, Art & Public (CH), gallery

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