Centre for Contemporary Images
Saint-Gervais Genève


around and about Michael Snow’s musical work
            Centre for Contemporary Images

Event on Saturday May 13, 2000

3 pm - 12 pm

3 pm -> décalage/ synchronisation
5 pm -> cinéma expérimental

6.30 pm -> break (drinks)

8 pm -> hip hop/ techno
9.30 pm -> intervention vinyle live by f. baudevin

This event is taking place on the 1st.floor ,
Centre pour l’image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais, Genève.

Richard Serra - 1974 - vidéo

one screening: 10.-/ 6.- student, avs, unemployed
pass: 20.-/ 12.-

This event of visual arts with musical tendency, takes place during one afternoon and one evening. It is organised around 4 specific programs: décalage/synchronisation between image/soundtrack (3 pm), experimental films related to Michael Snow (5 pm), artist video tapes using sampling and hip hop methodologies (8 pm) and finally a live act by Francis Baudevin (9.30 pm) with his vinyl collection.

This event is inspired by the musical world of Michael Snow, it encourages exchange between visual arts, experimental films, youth music (hip hop/techno) and experimental music; it links the historical years of the ‘60s/’70s to contemporary tendencies in 1995. The afternoon programs (3 pm-6 pm) of films and videos are followed by an evening event of youth music and live act (8 pm-24 pm).

This event is in relation to the exhibition
Michael Snow - Panoramique
Photographic Works and Films 1962-1999
May 12 to June 18

around and about Michael Snow’s musical work

Saturday May 13, 2000: 3 pm - 12 pm

Sounding Snow explores the relation between visual arts and music, taking Michael Snows films and musics as a starting point. This event emphasizes a musical approach to film, when sound is taken as much into account as is picture. This sound-image relation can be located between synchronisation and distorsion.
Snow‘s films are seen in relation to music (and not exclusively to experimental cinema, as is often emphasized !) From free-jazz to minimal music, Snow’s world of sounds is present in his sound-tracks as well as in his diverse musical activities. This open approach and free transgression of several musical styles is familiar to experimental music. Some members of today’s english/american scene, close to this spirit, reinterprete his work and invite him for collaborations. Snow has recently played as a guest artist of Sonic Youth and with Alan Licht, a young composer from New-York. The selected works in Sounding Snow encourage this spirit and they contribute to the juxtaposition and free transgression between visual arts and music.

Annette Kosak