Exhibition : October 1- November 9, 1997

Eric Lanz

Born in Bienne in 1962, he studied at the Ecole d'Art Visuel, Geneva, then the Staatliche Kunstakademie in Düsseldorg.

Produced a video installation for the Saint-Gervais, Geneva showcase, referring to the Video Series (1994). Lanz proposes an intelligent questioning of the relationship that man maintains with the world.

These dialogues between hands confront the most varied functions of gesture (practical, haptical, graphical, symbolic, mechanical,...) in the abstract space of the same image.

"Eric Lanz uses video to speak of techniques subsequent to video, that is, the computer, interactivity, virtual reality, etc... going back to cultural products well before the electronic image : tools, gestures, clothes. Video takes a mediating position - it is still a medium of the real world, to the extent that it records images by means of a camera, but these images already belong to the electronic field of fiction which is increasingly taking shape as a world in parallel with our analogical daily life (...) Eric Lanz shows us the world of digital simulation like an unadorned puppet show".
Dieter Daniels

"Eric Lanz's work forces upon us the idea of an effective relation between video and the long series of tools that men have invented to control the world, to watch over it and/or to manipulate it (...). In the beginning was the hand, the origin and model of all man's material and mental tools. From it proceed all the verbs and adjectives which speak of mastery both physical and intellectual".
Laurent Ackert

Catalogue Centre d'Art Contemporain, Fribourg

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