Centre for Contemporary Images - Saint-Gervais Genève

30 April – 20 June 2004
Paola Yacoub et Michel Lasserre - ASPECTS/ACCENTS/FRONTIERE

            Centre for Contemporary Images

opening : Thursday 29 April 2004 at 6pm
exhibition open: Tuesday - Sunday, noon to 6pm
except Tuesdays 4,11,18 and 25 May noon - 8:30pm - Free entry

Talk on the exhibition Friday 30 April 2004 at 6pm
Les archives, quelle histoire ! (The Archives, what a story!) by Paola Yacoub and Michel Lasserre

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Paola Yacoub et Michel Lasserre, Sud Liban,
avril 2001

The artists Paola Yacoub (Beirut, 1966) and Michel Lasserre (France, 1947) have worked together since 1996. Through their current installation and accompanying commentary, the couple offers us an analysis and critical interpretation of a certain space in Lebanon (specifically Beirut and Southern Lebanon) during and after 15 years of war.
The two have chosen as their starting point territorial fragments (a route, village, hotel…), which they situate and document using photos, videos, sound recordings, maps and texts. Through dynamic montage, they study how these elements have changed in people’s perception and use in accordance with the political and social context.
As Catherine David1 has pointed out, the two artists “contrast the current state of various sites and landscapes, where nothing seems to speak of tragedy, with the memories and eyewitness recollections of combatants and victims of the war.”
The two artists have focused on the conditions that govern the content of a document, that is, on underlying factors such as the time, place, emotional aspects and associations. Our perception of a hotel lobby is noticeably modified, for example, when we learn that during the war such areas, the Holiday Inn’s lobby in particular, often functioned as places where negotiations to free hostages were conducted. The images of such sites become vectors for associations and emotions that render history “palpable” and imbue the territory with “eloquence.”

Paola Yacoub et Michel Lasserre, Les Routes, 2004

As Anna Tilroe2 has put it, “This has nothing to do with esthetics (of an image); rather, what is at stake is the capacity of an image to evoke other images and thus bring about a dynamic process of associations.”
According to Yacoub and Lasserre, the project which will be shown at the Centre for Contemporary Images, Aspects/Accents/Frontières, focuses on the “expressiveness of territories, the visual changes of places figuring in recent historical events.” Three slide shows made up of selections from a series of field photographs shot in Southern Lebanon occupy the exhibition space and focus on borders, routes and landscape relief. Explanations of the events that took place at the featured sites, together with both the juxtaposition and association of these images, cast a new light on the show’s photographs. During the run of the same exhibition at Le Plateau in Paris (2002), visitors were able to compare in particular a photograph of Paris’s Roissy airport with a shot of the border in Southern Lebanon displaying similarities that proved both surprising and altogether disconcerting.

Paola Yacoub and Michel Lasserre will give a talk on their exhibition entitled:
Les archives, quelle histoire ! (The Archives, what a story!), on Friday, 30 April at 6 P.M. at the
Centre for Contemporary Images. Their positions, approach and method of working will be the subject of the evening’s discussion.

1Catherine David, Paola Yacoub Michel Lasserre, Aspects/ Accents/Frontières, Maquis, Le Plateau
2Anna Tilroe, Laboratory Beirut, NRC-Handelsblad, 16 november 2003

Paola Yacoub et Michel Lasserre, Les Routes, 2004

Paola Yacoub et Michel Lasserre, Les Routes, 2004

Paola Yacoub Michel Lasserre

Paola Yacoub born in 1966 in Beiruth, Lebanon
Michel Lasserre born in 1947 in Auch, France
Live and work in Berlin.

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Paola Yacoub Michel Lasserre
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©Rainer Jordan

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Catalogues and publications

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Paola Yacoub et Michel Lasserre, Sud Liban, septembre 2000