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exhibition and computer laboratories
May 23 - June 23 1996

The mutations brought by computing are so undeniable that it is important to think over one of its essential caracteristics : its constant evolution, that is the instability that well defines it. Computers, their potentialities, software versions are constantly modified and testify the impossibility to normalize and reach a state stable enough where things could defined for good. In this perpetual flux, where all has to be continuously updated, this second biennial has to differ from the previous one (Version1.0). For these reasons Version 2.2 intends to contain its own evolution, as a research laboratory in quest of what it is demonstrating. Accordingly, Saint-Gervais Genève's exhibitions galeries will host installations and pieces from artists as well as consultation libraries, workshops, Internet terminals and conferences. The confrontation between seeing, doing and discussing is necessary and essential to understand this 2.2nd type of revolution. (S.L.)

2.2.1 Exhibition

Anthony Aziz / Sammy Cucher

Urs Breitenstein

Ceal Floyer

Rainer Ganahl

Valéry Grancher

Laurence Huber

Felix Stephan Huber / Philip Pocock

Alexandre Iordachescu

Eric Lanz

Marko Lehanka

Christine Meierhofer

Günther Selichar

Gebhard Sengmüller

Herwig Turk

2.2.2 Seminars

Internet communication
Friday 24th of May 9.00am-7.00pm (in english)

Among the infinity of things visible on the Net, the most original or the most "opinionated" sites draw the attention. Way from just being simple databases or information, these sites use the network potential as a propeller. They build up their own structures while gaining independence from overshadowing major providers, the State or telecoms.
Moderator : Barbara Strebel (The Thing, Basel)
Conferences :
- Joachim Blank (Internationale Stadt,
- Hervé Graumann (Raoul Pictor,
- Felix Stephan Huber et Philip Pocock (Arctic Circle,
- Wolfgang Staehle (The Thing,
- Walter van der Cruijsen (,

Literature and computing (french only)
Friday 31st of May 9.00am-7.00pm

Mathematic combinatory and algorithms have warped the shapes of literature ever since. However, computing has permitted some authors to develop modes of writing or reading radically original : hypertext, on-screen animated texts interactive or in-process literature, are all but new literary genres that networks, as well as floppydisc or CD-ROM issues, mean to diffuse nowadays.
Moderator : Ambroise Barras (groupe Infolipo (french only), Geneva University)
Conferences :
- Philippe Bootz (writer, Alire, floppy disk magazine)
- Michel Butor (writer, Professor ,Faculté de Lettres, Geneva univeristy)
- Jean-Pierre Balpe (writer, University Paris 8)
- Jean-Marie Dutey (writer, Laire group)
- Robert Kendall (writer, San Francisco)

Multimedia editions
Friday 7th of June 9.30am-7.00pm

Allowing texts, sounds and images to be gathered on a same support, CD-ROM raises in itself artists, creators or computer bench scientists most interest. With interactivity, access to information takes original shapes involving the "reader's" curiosity and a game-orientated sense of observation. CD-ROM becomes obviously by its aspect an object close to the the book thus close to publishing.
Moderator : Simon Lamunière (artiste, curateur à sgg*)
Conferences :
- Patrice Baizet (artist, Geneva)
- Jean-Louis Boissier (Revue Virtuelle of Beaubourg, Professor at Paris 8)
- Paul Groot (Mediamatic magazine, The Netherlands)
- Astrid Sommer (Artintact revue from the ZKM, Germany)

2.2.3 Workshops

Each of 3 workshops will be directed by an author or an artist who relating to his experience and works, will encourage creation in his own field. Though technical assistance will be supplied, it is recommended to have good acquaintances with computing and softwares refering to each workshop program. Computers will be accessible everyday at 2.00 pm until 9.00 pm. To ensure the quality of exchange, the number of participants will be restricted to 7 people.

- Workshop with Felix Stephan Huber and Philip Pocock

Making web pages about the Version 2.2 exhibition by developing in the exhibtion space itself with the visitors (on Mac, with Photoshop, Netscape). On May 25, 26, 27 and 28. From 2 to 9 pm.
These 2 artistes have made the Arctic Circle and Tropic of Cancer sites (see above adress at The Thing).

- Workshop with Philippe Bootz and Jean-Marie Dutey

Making computer texts (On PC, with Toolbook and Autodesk. On Mac, with Hypercard and Director)
June 1, 7 and 14. From 2 to 9 pm.
These 2 writers respectivly from ALIRE floppy disk magazine, and from writer group LAIRE in France) have created number of texts with computers (intzerractive, processual and self generating texts, animations)

- Workshop with Jean-Louis Boissier

Making interactive animations on cd-rom (On Mac, with Director)
June 8 and 15. From 2 to 9 pm.

Author of Flora Petrinsularis, presented during Version 1.0 in 1994, J.-L. Boissier is known for being director of the Revue Virtuelle from Centre Pompidou in Paris, as director of the Biennale de Lyon cd-rom catalogue, and as professor at Paris 8 University.

2.2.4 Cd-rom browsing

Cd-roms and editions by Laurie Anderson, Patrice Baizet, Jean-Pierre Balpe, Philippe Bootz, Michel Butor, Jean-Marie Dutey, Adib Fricke, Peter Gabriel, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Orlan, The Residents,
and issues from: revue Alire, Arte Cidade, issues 1 and 2 of Artintact, issues 2 and 3 of Artifice, Biennale de Lyon, Mediamatic (all issues), Festival do Minuto, The Toolbox and others.
Among the other pieces of the exhibition, these cd-roms can be seen in integrated computers.

2.2.5 Computer animation

Computeranimation 96 takes place at Uni-Dufour from the 5th until 8th of June. sgg* will re-broadcast this selection of films and computer-animated videos. on June 10, 11, 13 and 14.

2.2.6 Catalogue

A catalogue of Version will be published in June, as reminder of the event with its seminars, workshops etc...
with full documentation of the pieces presented. About 32 pages, b/w, texts in french only !

Opening hours:
Mo-Sa: 2 - 9 pm
Sunday: 2 - 6 pm

Directors: André Iten, Jacques Boesch
Curator: Simon Lamunière