november 3rd - december 17th 2000

Exhibitions: Tuesday to Sunday, 12am-6pm

Introduction - Simon Lamunière:
            Centre for Contemporary Images

invades Geneva, from open space to galleries, from the web to your own pocket.

This new style exhibition is a kind of video game: scroll, surf, change level, find hints, compete hard and even win a price! The Centre for Contemporary Images of Saint-Gervais Geneva is the starting point: other places and events are to be discorvered at one’s own rythm.
Going from one art centre to another, from a museum to a gallery seems like diving in another world, superimposed to the real one (where real works are to be discovered: wall paintings, video screenings, objects, interactive installations, and in situ works.)

The traditionally opposed terms real / virtual are here constantly hybrid, and this general mix will also be discussed during the Forum, gathering specialists as well as artists in round tables, special video screenings and projects presentations.

Version_2ooo wants to take into account the new ways of seeing, reading, buying, investing, encountering and creating that are now so prevalent in our daily life that it is sometimes difficult to tell the differences between the many levels of reality.

Simon Lamunière, curator

Exhibitions: Tuesday to Sunday, 12am-6pm

*Organisée par le Centre pour l’image contemporaine, en collaboration avec de nombreux partenaires, Version est, depuis 1994, une manifestation biennale centrée sur l’art, l’informatique et les technologies de communication.

Centre pour l’image contemporaine
Direction: André Iten

Simon Lamunière,commissaire, assisté d’Alexandra Theiler Furrer (administration et catalogue), Isabelle Aeby Papaloïzos (tables rondes), Lysianne Léchot Hirt (promotion, presse et catalogue), Kim Sup Boninsegni (programmes vidéo), Laurent Desplands, Jean-Pierre Keller, Kevin Rollin, Paolino Casanova (technique), Anne Bratschi (secrétariat), Filippo Filliger (stagiaire).