Version 2004 - SIMulation City

november 12th- decembre 19th 2004

Jonah Freeman - The Franklin Abraham, 2003
            Centre for Contemporary Images

Through various media (video, photography, drawing, sculpture, etc.), Jonah Freeman has sought to analyze types of behavior generated by contemporary architectural systems.

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Jonah Freeman, The Franklin Abraham, 2003

Rather than opt for a documentary style, cinema techniques that are peculiar to fiction are employed (theatrical lighting, staged dramatic situations and pop music) to offer a specific definition of a given environment.
In his film “The Franklin Abraham” (2003), Freeman presents an urban metaphor at the heart of single structure, a building complex that developed over more than two hundred years and became completely hybrid. There is just one catch this is a fictional creation, not a real place at all.
The film that has come out of this project offers us a subjective view of the failings of society today. The film’s structure is modeled on the open-ended nature of the building; the camera wanders down endless hallways and through a range of encounters gives us a voyeuristic yet indifferent perspective on a community stamped by capitalism.
Viewers discover in this micro-town, for example, fragments of the intimate reality of a disillusioned teenage girl, a shy female civil servant meeting with a cynical Don Juan, or a gang squatting the underground floors of a building.

Lives and works in New York City, USA.

Solo Exhibitions (selection)
Jonah Freeman, play_gallery for still and motion pictures, Berlin, Germany
Jonah Freeman, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City, USA
In the Public Realm : Sixteen Scenarios, Public Art Fund, Brooklyn Public Library, New York City, USA
Urban Pornography, Project Room, Artist’s Space, New York City, USA

Group exhibitions (selection)
Prague Biennale 1, peripheries become the center , National Gallery Veletrzni Palac Dukelskych, Prague, Czech Republic
Altered Spaces : Video Art and the Physikal World, Cheekwood Museum, Nashville, USA
The Bedroom Show, John Connelly Presents, New York City, USA
Staged/Unstaged, Riva Gallery, New York City, USA
Home Movies, SF Cameraworks, San Francisco, USA