L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image) - Multiple Versions

            Centre for Contemporary Images

General Information

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Center for Contemporary Images Saint-Gervais Geneva
Founded in 1985, the Center for Contemporary Images presents cultural events in the field of the new technologies of image: video, multimedia, internet, and also photography and screenings
5, Rue du Temple - 1201 Geneva
www.centreimage.ch / Tél. + 41(0)22 908 20 00

fabric | ch, Lausanne
fabric | ch is an electronic architecture agency founded 5 years ago in Switzerland by two architects [Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller], and two engineers [Stéphane Carion and Christian Babski]. fabric | ch is aiming at exploring information spaces, digital territories in order to articulate new architectural propositions.
www.fabric.ch / Tél. + 41(0)21 351 10 20

attitudes - contemporary arts space
attitudes - contemporary arts space is an independent artistic structure founded in 1994 and based in Geneva. They conceive and realize projects in the field of contemporary art in Geneva as well as in the rest of Switzerland and Europe.
4, rue du Beulet - 1203 Geneva
www.attitudes.ch / Tél. + 41(0)22 344 37 56

MAMCO, Geneva (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)
The Mamco hosts a collection of 2’500 art works, among which 600 belong to the institution. They realized above 200 exhibitons in 5 years.
10, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers - 1205 Geneva
www.mamco.ch / Tél. + 41(0)22 320 61 22

Other partners:
Activités culturelles de l’Université de Geneva
Batiment d’Art Contemporain (BAC+3), Geneva
CentreVirtuel, Berne / Sitemapping, OFC Bern
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Fonds Municipal d’Art Contemporain, Geneva
Fonds Cantonal d’Art Visuel de Geneva
Haute Ecole d’Arts Appliqués de Geneva

A bilingual catalog (French-English) will link the various Versions, integrating critical texts, visual documentation and the biographies of artists and architects taking part in the event. About 160 pp, color.
Publication: November 2002

Previous Versions :
2002 Another Swiss Version, exhibition in Bolzano, Italy
2000 Version_2000, exhibition at the CIC and in 15 spaces in Geneva
1998 version simon lamunière, exhibition at attitudes, Geneva
1998 cdX-rom, Backup version, CD-ROM of the documentaX, à Kassel, Germany
1998 Anticipation version 4.0, exhibition at the CIC and screening at the CAC - Voltaire, Geneva
1996 Version 2.2, exhibition at the CIC Saint-Gervais Geneva
1996 Version Box, Box containing 25 artists’ and writers’ editions
1994 Version 1.0, exhibition at the CIC Saint-Gervais Geneva