L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image)
Multiple Versions*
september 1st 2002 - january 31st 2003

            Centre for Contemporary Images

In autumn 2002, Version will focus specifically on architectural and museum space. Our perception of space, either constructed or virtual, has undergone such tremendous changes in the last 10 years that we feel it is time to question the changes of conception and representation that are involved.

(see below...)

Futai, Livable Image

In a digital age, visiting an exhibition space means plunging into a world with autonomous codes and rules, and experiencing directly and personally a form of artificial and «architectured» reality. L’Image Habitable will offer visitors the opportunity to experience the immersion of the physical body into real and virtual spaces. Confronting various levels of reality in this way is sure to engender a confusion of the senses.
Five curators have been invited to work both together and on their own to create intertwined exhibitions dealing with architecture, the museum and new technologies. Scattered throughout the city of Geneva at five main sites, the exhibitions propose a special “navigation system” for discovering the projects and installations of participating artists and architects.

*In 1994, the first Version took place solely at the Centre for Contemporary Images. In 2000, the event brought together 10 institutions in Geneva.
For this year’s event, Version involves several partners in French-speaking Switzerland: The Center for Contemporary Images, attitudes - contemporary arts space, the MAMCO (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) and fabric|ch in Lausanne.