L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image) - Version B
curators Patrick Keller * et Christophe Guignard *
fabric | ch, Lausanne

Beginning 31.10.01

            Centre for Contemporary Images

// BLURRED SPACES // in electroscape_C
// www.electroscape.org //

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La_Fabrique @ ECAL

fabric|ch plans to create an architecture that aims to extend the space of BAC+3 into digital territory, make it part of the Web, and thus provide it with new modes of attendance, access and exchange. BAC+3 is a contemporary art organization that intends to bring together, in one location, five major institutions in Geneva: CAC, or the Center for Contemporary Art; MAMCO, or the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; CIC, or the Center for Contemporary Images; CEC, or the Center for Contemporary Printmaking; and the Center for Photography. As a true prototype for a digital museum, the project // blurred spaces // will serve as a kind of computer-based prosthesis for the museum.
This new virtual extension will offer new spatial qualities and new possibilities for mounting exhibitions and working with the artists who are invited to take part.
Two types of spatialities will exist side by side within the framework of this prototype:
1) a hybrid of the real and the virtual, a combination of BAC’s physical space and the digital pieces of the Digital Museum; and 2) an exclusively digital space, the Digital Museum, which can only be accessed in VRML on the Web.
The project will be online beginning in October 2002, and will continue to develop in conjunction with new exhibitions, Internet projects and especially the creation of BAC+3.

Artists Invited:
Heimo Zobernig (AUT)

*Patrick Keller et Christophe Guignard
Co-founders of fabric | ch, Lausanne. Architects EPFL, MA in Communication and info graphic visualization at EPFL.