L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image) - Version C
curator Catherine Pavlovic *
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva

31.10.02 - 31.01.03

            Centre for Contemporary Images

The exhibition, to be held at Mamco, is structured around the image of architecture, its links to information technologies and its relations to exhibition spaces, shifting the notion of physical space towards that of relational space.

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This space is no longer defined as a mere construct but as the reworking of a given territory, in an approach that implies compromise, in order to better invest the world. Unlike the position of avant-garde movements, which conceived progress in terms of oppositions, artists nowadays base their utopias on an imagination made of consensus and negotiation.
Links with Version will be worked out along with new presentations of collections now conserved at Mamco and Fnac (Fonds national d’art contemporain, Paris). Featured works will include pieces by Pierre Huyghe and Absalon. In order to develop the concept of constructed space and the inhabitable image, we have decided to put the exhibition spaces specifically dedicated to the the event in the care of Liam Gillick. Gillick’s work, indeed, aims to act within the social sphere and thus within the space of our concrete
Knowledge of the world is for Gillick a construct whose singular elements deserve to be presented in an arrangement that is renewed with each attempt. These installations, artifacts and texts only make sense in the relationship they maintain with the world and the dialog they establish with viewers.
Gillick’s objects always function in a complex scenario that can be perceived as so many new proposals for building the future. If architecture is not simply the art of constructing buildings, if our reflections on architecture are also nourished by science and information technology in the hope of proposing a new ecology, then the narratives developed by Gillick can also be considered as proposals for constructing a social space.

Guest artist:
Liam Gillick (GB)

*Catherine Pavlovic
Lives and works in Geneva. Art historian. Assistant curator at Mamco, Geneva, since 2000.