L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image) - Version E
curators Jean-Paul Felley * and Olivier Kaeser *
attitudes - contemporary arts space

2.11.02 - 15.12.02

            Centre for Contemporary Images

Gruppo A12
For its exhibition at attitudes, Gruppo A12, an architects’ collective based in Genoa and Milan, is developing—in conjunction with Geneva—an exhibition on the typical décor of bourgeois city architecture in the 19th century.

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Gruppo A12, Folie

Gruppo is looking at, for example, how that concept developed into the contemporary city. Gruppo A12’s project will take over the entire space at attitudes and will involve collaborations with other artists.

Gruppo A12 works along the edge of architecture, town planning and contemporary art. The group seeks to experience possible hybridizations between various communication practices and research tools. Gruppo A12’s artistic expression assumes a rather wide range of forms: architectural and graphic design, installations, videos, websites, texts, interior design, conception of exhibitions and teaching. In its earlier activities, Gruppo A12 was constantly on the lookout for interactions and collaborations with people outside the group that could help to broaden its approach to analyzing and participating in the contemporary urban condition.

Members of Gruppo A12:
Nicoletta Artuso (1969)
Andrea Balestrero (1970)
Gianandrea Barreca (1969)
Antonella Bruzzese (1969)
Maddalena De Ferrari (1969)
Fabrizio Gallanti (1969)
Massimiliano Marchica (1970)

*Jean-Paul Felley and Olivier Kaeser
Art historians and freelance curators, they conceive and realize projects in the field of contemporary art in Geneva as well as in the rest of Switzerland and Europe.