The internetperformance In Bed With Me lasted from the 15.7.-15.12.2000. Here you can see the invitation to my project that was online during the whole period of the performance.

In Bed With Me is an internetperformance. You can join it as a visitor on the web or as a guest in my house. The performance will start at the 15.7.2000 and will last for several months.

Being intim without total intimity

I offer you one night in my bed with me. You can contact me under CONTACT and we will arrange an appointment. Then you will come to my house, you will bring a bottle of wine and I will cook something good for us. If you like my company and if you still can imagine a night in my bed, we will go in to my bedroom and lay down. A camera will take momentshots of our night and in the morning, we will decide which pictures we would like to show on the web. At the end you will get a certificat that you spent one night with me.

More Details of my offer under BEDROOM and HOST.


To have this project realised without incidents some rules and behaviours should be necessary.

  • It is not a sexual offer. I offer you for one night the possibility to be near to someone that you don't know in a private atmosphere and you offer me the same. You won't be bothered in a sexual way from me and I wish the same from you.
  • We will decide together after the dinner if we really want to continue the performance and sleep in the same bed.
  • I will need your full name and adress and I will request at my home an identity card. This will happen for my own security. A friend of mine will always know which visitor I have.
  • I aspect a certain respect for my project and no visitors just for fun.


Die documentation on the internet is a important part of the project and will grow with the numbers of guests.

  • The time in my bed with a guest will be filmed with a videocamera that will be installed in the room. A onesecond-shot will be taken every 5-10 minutes. So at the end of the night there will be a film of 60-120 seconds. Together with my guest we will decide which pictures will be placed on the net.

  • In order to have enough light for the camera, a small lamp or candle will be installed near to the bed.

  • I will show on the internet only the pictures that I choose together with my guest. The full name of the guest will be placed on the page only if it is the will of the guest.