8th Biennial of Moving Images
5 November - 12 December 1999

cartes blanches 4

            Centre for Contemporary Images

Freddy Buache (CH)
Emma Dexter (GB)
Hou Hanrou (F/Chine)
Paul Ouazan et Claire Doutriaux (F)
Dominique Païni (F)
Theoricians, historians and critics, dealing with the multiplicity of art techniques and supports, will be featuring video tapes, films and installations.

AZOULAY Ariella (Israël)
A Sign from Heaven, Israël, 1999
(international competition)

Freddy Buache (CH)
Founder and former director of the Swiss Film Institute (Lausanne), Freddy Buache will present a program addressed to his friend Jean-Luc Godard, composing a sort of answer to the "Lettre à Freddy Buache" directed by Godard in 1981.


- Freddy Buache 1
Lettre à Freddy Buache, Jean-Luc Godard, 1981, 11 min.
Hôtel des Invalides, Georges Franju, 1952, 2 min.
Sicilia!, Jean Marie Staub et Danièle Huillet, 1999, 76 min.

- Freddy Buache 2
Sud, Chantal Akerman, 1999, 70 min.

- Freddy Buache 3
Molinier, Raymond Borde, 1963, 20 min.
Pierre Molinier, 7 rue des faucilles, Noël Simolo, 1975, 21 min.

Emma Dexter (GB)
Director of exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporay Arts (ICA) in London. She presents a program of emerging UK artists.

program: Emma Dexter:
Fiorucci made me hardcore, Leckey Mark, 1999, 20 min.
Contemporary Art, Szuper Gallery , 1998, 14 min.
Father and son (Mole Man), Blud John, 1998, 2 min.
Mum, Dad and Me (Sea Man), Blud John, 1998, 2 min.
M. Station Run, Satom Saki, 1999, 10 min.
M. Station Backward, Satom Saki, 1999, 9 min.
T. Station Paper, Satom Saki, 1999, 3 min.
One day at lunch time, Satom Saki, 1999, 10 min.
Licking 2, Lang Liane, 1999, 7 min.
Watch me dream, Lang Liane, 1999, ? min.
Masterbation, Lang Liane, 1999, 10 min.

Hou Hanru (F/Chine)
Curator of Cities on the Move (1998-99), Hou Hanru presents a program of videos by Fiona Tan a. o. , an artist born in Indonesia from a Chinese father and an Australian mother, now living in Amsterdam. She makes use of films, videos and mechanic machines to produce works about identity and displacement.

program: Hou Hanru:
Imbalance, Fei Cao, 1999, 26 min.
Cop And Thief, Shaoxiong Chen, 1997, 8 min.
May you live in interesting times, Tan Fiona, 1997, 60 min.
Facing forward, Tan Fiona, 1999, 11 min.

Paul Ouazan et Claire Doutriaux (F)
Paul Ouazan and Claire Doutriaux, coordinators in charge of "l'atelier de recherches de la Sept Arte", the franco-german arts channel's "Research workshop", present a selection of tapes illustrating their work since 1995.

program: Paul Ouazan et Claire Doutriaux:
Brut, n° 35, Arte, 1997, 26 min.
Parole de réfugiés, Arte, 1999, 26 min.
Switch, Arte, 1997.

Dominique Païni
Director of the Cinémathèque française in Paris, Dominique Païni presents some treasures of his collection.
Does the cinema-effect really arise in film? Isn't it an effect that comes from further afield, or rather from before, and which the cinema had to integrate beforehand in order to give back an effect later, a return to sender that justifies the title of the five categories selected by Païni.

program: Dominique Païni:

Disfigurements and anamorphoses:
Femme sculpteur, Inconnu, 1917, 1 min.
L'homme mystérieux, Pathé, 1910, 5 min.
Balles traversant une bulle de savon, Marey E.J. et Bull L., 1892, 1 min.

Rythms et speeds:
Mais dépêchez-vous donc, Pathé, 1908, 5 min.
Animal d'acier (extraits/exerpts), Zilke Willy, 1935, 8 min.
Cassis, Mekas Jonas, 1961, 5 min.

Crossroads, Conner Bruce, 1975, 40 min.
Swamp, Smithson Robert, 1971, 6 min.

Masses and rituals:
Sarajevo, Inconnu, 1920, 4 min.
Bal costumé, Inconnu, 1926, 2 min.
Henri Matisse filmé par Henri Langlois, Langlois Henri, 1954, 8 min.

Dressed up ruins:
Aria, Gianikian et Lucchi, 1993, 10 min.
Rêve d'art, Velle Gaston, 1910, 5 min.
Ruines arrangées, Païni Dominique, 1985, 10 min.
Rigadin, peintre cubiste, Monca Georges, 1912, 10 min.
Rue du regard, Shirman Daniele, 1983, 15 min.