8th Biennial of Moving Images
5 November - 12 December 1999

hors-compétition 2

            Centre for Contemporary Images

BERARD Stéphane (F)
, Mortinsteinck, France,1998, 75'
A young man is invited to a party. He doesn't know that his life is going to change. In a well-informed amateur style, this low-tech & no-budget fiction brings the spectator as far as Croatia.

NÄSÄNEN Elena (Finlande)
Before Rain, Finlande, 1998
(international competition)

BENARD Thomas, BLANC Grégoire, BONINSEGNI Kim Sop, DE KIMPE Benoît (CH), WHITE CUBE THEME, 1999, 60 min
A vehicle with a crew of four follows an urban trajectory, during the course of which - and depending on the sound-ambiances - the film develops in a subjective manner, offering an unusual sightseeing of Geneva.

CAHEN Robert (F), Compositeurs à l'écoute, France, 1998, 31'
This INA/France 3 coproduction directed for the 50th anniversary of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales lets us discover, through a non-chronological collective portrait of componists, a panorama of the history of concrete music and its different periods.

MOGRABI Avi, Happy Bithday Mr. Mograbi, Israel, 1999, 77'
Avi Mograbi is hired by a TV producer to make a film about the celebrations of Israel's fiftieth anniversary as well as, simultaneously, by a Palestinian film-producer. The Palestinians, too, mark the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem (Nakba).
Mograbi, who doesn't shy away from anything, accepts both assignments and makes a film of which he takes advantage to celebrate his own anniversary.

WOODWARD Sharon, 4 play, GB, 1998, 52'
Following the twists and turns of art therapist Sally Jenkins' hunt for a lover, this fiction mixes improvised drama with a documentary style.

- Hors-compétition 1 program
BERARD Stéphane, Mortinsteinck, 1998, 75 min., France

- Hors-compétition 2
BENARD Thomas, BLANC Grégoire, BONINSEGNI Kim Sop, DE KIMPE Benoît, WHITE CUBE THEME, 1999, 60 min, Switzerland
CAHEN Robert, Compositeurs à l'écoute, 1998, 31 min., France
WOODWARD Sharon, 4 play, 1998, 52 min., GB

- Avi Mograbi
Happy Bithday Mr. Mograbi, 1999, 77 min., Israel