Biennale de l’image en mouvement - Biennial of Moving Images

            Centre for Contemporary Images


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Exhibitions, screenings and round tables

  • Gianni Motti (CH/I) - Installation & videos - january 23rd-march 23rd
    Gianni Motti leads an exemplary life. Real master in the art of appropriation, he knows like nobody how to infiltrate the media, how to confound the contemporary art’s milieu and how to question images. Several videos and an installation will be shown.

  • Sophy Rickett (GB) - Photographies - january 23rd - march 23rd
    Sophy Rickett (1970) lives and works in London. She takes photographies of nocturne landscapes whose theatrical light carries us into the realm of mise en scene, whereas this light is completely natural. The artist is thus playing with the tension between nature and artifice.

  • Gaule by Jérôme Leuba (CH/F) - Film screening
    Premiere: wednesday february 26th, 2003 at 7pm
    and screenings from march 4th to 8th at 8pm

    coproduction du Centre pour l’image contemporaine

  • Affaires de familles – Family affairs - Installation, films, videos and lectures - 1-5 april 2003
    Guy Milliard "Une noria d’images (films d’une famille, 1938-2003)" - Video installation - 2 - 5 avril
    In collaboration with Activités culturelles of Geneva University

  • Valérie Mréjen (F) - Videos and photos - april 30th - june 22nd
    Valérie Mréjen’s works (stories, videos and photographies) are deeply rooted in reality and autobiography. They are underlining, often in a comical way, the flaws of language. Our daily life’s absurditiy is emphasized with a subtle mixing of funniness and gravity.

  • Marco Poloni (CH) - Installation - april 30th - june 22nd
    Marco Poloni works on the gap between reality and its representation. For the Centre for contemporary image, the artist will present a new device in real-time with models and observation cameras. This construction raises in the audience the feeling of back and forth between reality and its representation.

  • Sandra Senn (CH) - Photographies - september 3rd - october 19th

  • Jonas Dahlberg (Sweden) - september 3rd - october 19th

  • 10th Biennial of Moving Images - November 7th- December 14th

  • Vidéos poésies
    27 November 2003 at 8:30 pm
    at the Centre for Contemporary Images, St-Gervais Geneva
    in the context of Textes in performance
    27-29 November 2003
    International symposium organized by Geneva University.
    The programme:
    Bernard Meister, La lettre du roi, 1982, 24'
    Silvie et Cherif Defraoui, Exposition/Surexposition, 1992, 17'30''
    Aimé Jolliet, Michel Butor, les nuages de Magellan, 1985, 8'
    Gary Hill, Black/White Text, 1980, 7'
    Gary Hill, Why Do Things get in a Muddle?, 1984, 32'