L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image) - Version D
imaginary constructs
curator Simon Lamunière *
Center for Contemporary Image, Saint-Gervais Geneva

2.11.02 - 15.12.02

            Centre for Contemporary Images

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Sven Påhlsson, Sprawlville, 2001

Version D is part of a series of events devoted to art, information technology and architecture. These activities have been given the overall title of L’Image habitable (the Livable Image).

The fourth section of the Image habitable cycle has been planned and mounted by Simon Lamunière at the Center for the Contemporary Image.

Version D – Imaginary Constructs

In a world dominated by images that are considered real, certain artists and designers of art projects are on the contrary working on the distortion and modeling of fictional spaces. Through photography of architectural models, drawings of buildings and spatial tableaux, they are planting seeds of doubt and creating contexts in which imagination, interpretation and perception play a major part.

Yet changes of scale or simulations of space always evoke, in whole or in part, spaces to move though, inhabit or invest. It is in that regard that the invited artists and architects have produced “constructions” that are both physical and mental. It is also along those same lines that certain participants have made use of the Internet or the most advanced technologies to link their own universe with various outside elements. Through the use of connections, networks or computer-generated images, two worlds, the physical world and the world of images, are brought face to face.

The fullest sense of the term reality effect is on display when we have the chance to walk around in this mathematically constructed space. It is no longer an image that we watch but an image in which we move about. We plunge into these “constructions” through immersion and interpretation.

Simon Lamunière

*Simon Lamunière is director of Version, Geneva. He is a curator who works both freelance and at Geneva’s Center for the Contemporary Image, and professor at Lausanne’s École Cantonale d'Art. Expert for Art Unlimited, Basel, Mr. Lamunière is also the coeditor of the Luxembourg Museum of Modern Art Web site.