L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image) - Version D
imaginary constructs

Mike Tyler

            Centre for Contemporary Images

Mike Tyler has arranged green forms in the exhibition space and large prints along the walls. The foam forms have been cut out by robots from a relief model that the artist himself fashioned. Placed on the ceiling and floor, they call to mind terrains, clouds or caves with their stalactites and stalagmites, although the scale does not allow us to make out their origin. They constitute a kind of generic geography, the set of a film to be shot at some future time.

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Mike Tyler, Nostoc folder, 2001

Artist, microbiologist and gardener, Tyler has a passionate interest in lichen, which are a symbiosis of an alga and a fungus. These fungi are capable of surviving in extreme conditions, resisting both drought and cold. They are likely then to multiply and develop in conditions beyond earth. With Nostoc Tyler is playfully imagining here a postorbital development that flirts with science fiction. To seize upon a dynamic, chaotic structure, let it develop in a creative way and obtain a kind of harmony with nature is one of the many ideas defended by Tyler’s fertile imagination. Tyler is fond of quoting Borgès, “They are looking for neither the truth, nor the plausible; they are looking for surprise.”

Born in 1964 in Ventura, California. Lives and works in Amsterdam.
The first part of a work entitled “Nostoc Terraformers” was presented in connection with the show “Post-Nature” at Ca'Zenobio during the 2001 Venice Biennial. Mr. Tyler also participated in the 1999 group show “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” at Bern’s Kunsthalle with his piece called “Impact Craters.” He is currently at work on several commissions, a piece for the De Verbeelding Park (a center for nature and landscape design) in Zeewolde, Holland, and a cemetery for the city of Spijk, the Municipality of Leerdam, Holland. In 2000 he served as advisor for students pursuing Master’s degrees at the Piet Zwart Institute of Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy, and at the University of Plymouth (GB).
A show featuring his work is scheduled for March 2003 at Location One, New York.