The Centre for Contemporary Image

Since its foundation in 1985, the Centre for contemporary images organizes events and exhibitions in the field of the new technologies of images: video, multimedia, internet and also photography and film. The activities range from the production to the collection of works, and regular exhibitions and screenings. Two large exhibition rooms, one screening room and one video-lounge, as well as the website, are open to public access.
Bill Viola, Gary Hill, Chris Marker, Michael Snow, Julian Opie, Matt Mullican, Peter Kogler, Angela Bulloch, Pierre Bismuth, and many swiss artists such as Fischli&Weiss, Fabrice Gygi, Hervé Graumann, Christoph Draeger or Pascale Wiedemann, Miltos Manetas, Mariko Mori, Antoni Muntadas, Xavier Veilhan, Uri Tzaig, Aziz & Cucher, Ellen Cantor, Jochen Gerz, Pipilotti Rist, Eric Lanz, Stefan Altenburger, Thomas Hirschhorn are among the artists who's work has been shown or is part of the Centre's collection.


The Exhibitions

The Centre for contemporary images organizes 4 to 6 solo & group shows each year. The works shown represent the most advanced development in contemporary images such as photography, video, multimedia and installations. Young Swiss artists are represented as well as internationnally recognized artists. Most exhibitions come with specific thematic screenings of films and videos, or with performances.
Free access : Tuesday to Sunday from 12 a.m. to 6 p. m., closed on Monday.

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