1 February - 1 April 2007 / Show opening Wednesday 31 January at 18 pm

Joëlle FLUMET (Switzerland / 1971) / I would prefer not to / INSTALLATION
The drawings created by the young Geneva-born artist Joëlle Flumet plunge us into an unusual world. Flumet uses vector graphics to produce works with clean lines and broad uniform areas of saturated colors which conceal, behind an apparently ready readability, outlandish situations...

Thierry KUNTZEL (France / 1948) / The waves / INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION
The acclaimed French artist Thierry Kuntzel is pleased to present his interactive installation The waves. Kuntzel offers viewers an environment in which, entering a corridor, they walk towards the image of a wave. It's their own movement, however, that effects both the speed of the wave and the sound it makes.


26 April - 13 May 2007

MAPPING VJING FESTIVAL at the Bac (Bâtiment d'art contemporain)
In partnership with the Center for Contemporary Images, the third Mapping Vjing Festival will be transformed into a veritable platform for theory and experimentation. The aim of this international festival is to present and promote Vjing and more generally audiovisual performance, through installations, performances, lectures, clubbing, workshops and an exhibition.


3 May - 24 June 2007 / Show opening Wednesday 2 May at 18 pm

Elina BROTHERUS (Finland / 1972) / The New Painting / PHOTOGRAPHY
The young Finish photographer Elina Brotherus divides her time between her native country and France. At the Center for Contemporary Images she will be showing a collection of photographs from her seriesThe New Painting. In these pictures Brotherus contrasts her photographic practice with the codes, subjects and esthetics of classical painting, especially landscape painting and the nude.


Wednesday 13 et Thursday 14 June at 7pm / Premiere (free entry)

Rhino directed by Chantal Bermond and Anne-Catherine Connolly
A Centre for Contemporary Images coproduction
in the presence of the artists
at the 2nd basement of the theater Saint-Gervais


12 October – 20 December 2007


Taking shape in 1985 as the "International Video Week," the Biennial of Moving Images (BIM) is one of the oldest and most important events in Europe to feature artists' films. The festival brings together the very best in its field and has enabled us over the twenty years of its existence to show many renowned artists.

12 - 20 October 2007

Festival of Artists' Films at the Center for contemporary images (5, rue du Temple)

12 October – 16 December 2007

Exhibition at the Bac (Bâtiment d'art contemporain, 10, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers)


Thursday 6 and Saturday 8 December

Collaboration with the adc semaine de films, vidéos et spectacles de danse

 Thursday 6 December

19pm: Jan Fabre | 21pm: Autour d'Anna Halprin

Saturday 8 December

17pm: Programme suisse | 19pm: vidéos basées sur des spectacles de danse | 21pm: vidéos de Thierry de Mey