Mapping Vjing Festival

26 April – 13 May 2007

In partnership with the Center for Contemporary Images, the third Mapping Vjing Festival will be transformed into a veritable platform for theory and experimentation. The aim of this international festival is to present and promote Vjing and more generally audiovisual performance, through installations, performances, lectures, clubbing, workshops and an exhibition.

Between the Bac and the Zoo de l'Usine, this festival will bring together artists, theoreticians, technicians and curators to explore a new means of expression where such diverse domains as architecture, graphic design, contemporary art, clubbing and sheer spectacle in the broad sense of the term converge.

Come and discover the different facets of Vjing, an international event that is meant for those well versed in contemporary art as well as the public at large.

At the Bac (10 rue des Vieux-Grenadiers / 28, rue des Bains) 26 April- 13 May 2007.
At the Zoo (L'Usine, 4 place des Volontaires) the 28 April and the 5 May.
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