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31 October - 14 December 2008


The event started on 31 October and took almost every floor of the Saint Gervais building : the ground floor, 1st, 2nd and 4th floors was, and is, invested by the exhibition, and the 7th floor was the stage of a vjing party. In addition of the 22 artworks of the exhibition, the visitors could have a ride in Peter Sinclair's musical car RoadMusic/AutoSync, that will be in available again on the 13th December. That day was also the start of Bast Theory's Day of the Figurines performance that will go on until 23 November and to which you can subscribe and have a innovative experience of a virtual city.

Photos : Sarah Girard

Daniel Pinkas, from HEAD - Geneva and member of the programming Committee, Alexandra Theiler, artistic director and member of the Committee


Alexandra Theiler


Rama Hoetzlein, Social Evolution


Andrea Polli, Sonic Antarctic


John Klima, Emotional Object


John Klima, Emotional Object


Golan Levin, Opto-Isolator


Golan Levin, Opto-Isolator


Blast Theory, Day of the Figurines


Pe Lang + Zimoun, Untitled Sound Objects


Tatsuya Saito and Kumiko Idaka, Touching through your Eyes, Seeing with your Skin


Blast Theory, Day of the Figurines


Laura Seguy, 30:33:37


Tania Ruiz, Quotidianness


Grégoire Lauvin, BioOsc


Peter Sinclair, RoadMusic/AutoSync


Vijing by Akinetic and Djing by Nico, Zoo crew l'Usine, Geneva