Kaori Kinoshita et Alain Della Negra

Version bêta
31 October - 14 December 2008

Saturday 13 December at 8.30 PM

Newborns, 2007, 20 min.

These two Paris-based artists film the personal accounts of players in virtual worlds. Through these first-person narratives, the fans of Second Life sow confusion between reality and the virtual world, and offer an original representation of their double life.

The Den, 2008, 30min

This film presents different communities in America that the artists discovered through Second Life: Furries, who are hybrid half-animal half-human avatars; Goreans, who form one of the most organized and the most controversial of Second Life communities; Christian Evangelists,who are close to the Puritan trends of certain American churches; and Burners, who take part in the annual Burning Man gathering in the Nevada desert. With the artists in attendance.