Nogo Voyages

Version bêta
31 October - 14 December 2008

3 to 7 November

Stéphane Degoutin, Elie Kongs, Matthias Stevens, Gwenola Wagon

The international agency Nogo Voyages offers a range of trips through the outskirts of cities that are worlds unto themselves, applying the principles of experimental journeys and associating a method of travel with a specific site. The idea is to explore places that are familiar, banal or devoid of exoticism, along with known tourist destinations that have already been explored. The trip's aim isn't exhaustiveness or objectivity but interest mixed with partial approaches.

The workshop Moillesulaz 1 :1 begins with an exploration of the zone around the customs
post at Moillesulaz, where discussions will be organized on site and will touch on a range of themes, including unregulated or illegal architecture, subversive plants, the idea of the chalet, geopositioning, mediators, "hostess" bars, etc. Participants write directly on the territory at a 1:1 scale by locating through GPS recorded reflections and sounds that can only be heard at the very locations they are associated with, after having been selected and "shaped" by the agency.

Along with the workshop, Moillesulaz 1:1 will also be displayed in the exhibition.

Nogo Voyages, Moillesulaz 1:1, interactive mapping at 1:1 scale, 2008