L’Image Habitable (The Livable Image) - Multiple Versions

Biography of artists and architects

            Centre for Contemporary Images

Décosterd+Rahm, Associés (Version A)
Jean-Gilles Décosterd (1963) and Philippe Rahm (1967) live and work in Lausanne. They work on an invisible architecture. (www.low-architecture.com)

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Diller & Scofidio (Version A)
Elizabeth Diller (1954) and Ricardo Scofidio (1935). Their work is closely connected to performing arts and contemporary art. They are the esigners of the Fog-building for the 02 Exhibition in Yverdon-les-bains and were selected for the designing of the Eyebeam Museum of Art and Technology in the Chelsea district in New York. (www.dillerscofidio.com)

Diller & Scofidio, Eyebeam / Southwestview
Museum of Art and Technology , 2001
New York, NY

Hiroyuki Futai (Version A)
Designer, lives and works in Tokyo. His architecture uses the image itself for only material.

Liam Gillick (Version C)
Born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in 1964. Using a combination of text and installations, Gillick provides documentation of the way social and economic realities are shaped and manipulated.

Gruppo A12 (Version E)
Nicoletta Artuso, Andrea Balestrero, Gianandrea Barreca, Antonella Bruzzese, Maddalena De Ferrari, Fabrizio Gallanti, Massimiliano Marchic.a. The Gruppo A12 works at the edge of architecture, town planning and contemporary art.

MVRDV (Version A)
Winy Maas (1959), Jacob VanRijs (1964) and Nathalie DeVries (1965), MVRDV is a structure based in Rotterdam. Designers of famous buildings, in particular the Dutch pavilion in Hanover in 2000. (www.archined.nl)

Zilla Leutenegger (Version D)
Born in 1968 in Zurich. Lives and works in Berlin.

Sven Påhlsson (Version D)
Born in 1965 in Lund, Norway. Lives and works in Oslo and New York
Works mainly with electronic art such as computer animation, video installation and webprojects.

R&Sie... (Version A)
Managed by the designer François Roche (1961), this Parisian studio has been experimenting the habitable side of images and places through thematic and expressionist distorsions. (www.new-territories.com)

RDSV & Sie

Daniel Roth (Version D)
Born in 1969 in Schramberg, Germany. Lives and works in Karlsruhe.

roth-Untitled dessin
Untitled (town hidden under concrete, in the brain of the owl), 2001
3 parts, no. 1. acrylic and pencil on wood, 130 x 140 cm

Hans Schabus (Version D)
Born in 1970. He creates interventions in the public space and is the author of artists’ books.

Mike Tyler (Version D)
Born in 1964 in Ventura, California (USA). Lives and works in Amsterdam.

Andrea Zittel (Version D)
Born in 1965 in Escondido, California (USA).

Heimo Zobernig (Version B)
Born in 1958, in Mauthen, Austria. The artist lives and works in Vienna.

Andrea Zittel, 6 months uniform