Version animée

17 October – 17 December 2006


The Show 

Version AniméeVersion is the biennial new-media festival hosted by the Centre pour l'image contemporaine Saint-Gervais Genève (CIC). The festival, which closely follows the latest developments in the new digital technologies used in creating images, features a different theme for each biennial. The event includes a group show, Q&As with artists and art professionals, and debates touching on the biennial's chosen theme.

The event this year, the 7th in the series, is called "Version animée" (Animated Version) and will explore the field of animation in contemporary art, highlighting some 30 international artists with installations and screenings.

This year also represents a new chapter for the Centre pour l'image contemporaine since the Version biennial will be held at the "Bac" (Building for Contemporary Art), 10, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, the future site of the CIC.

These new exhibition spaces will enable "Version" to present large-scale works in a venue that is better suited to the demands of contemporary artists. Furthermore, the Bac's proximity to other cultural venues (Mamco, the Center for Contemporary Art, and the many galleries in the Bains neighborhood) will enable and encourage visitors to take advantage of a stimulating contemporary-art environment.


The lectures of Version

The Haute école d'arts appliqués and the École supérieure des beaux-arts put together, as part of their common program of post-grad studies "immédiat, arts et medias" (immediate, arts and media), a cycle of lectures on the future of animation. The program's guest speakers will include artists, film historians, and technicians well versed in the latest special effects.


Video projections in partnership

(an event proposed by Piano Nobile and developed by Stéphane Cecconi and Konstantin Sgouridis)

This program of events, called Anima Sonora, looks to present a survey of animation's different procedures and techniques while using video clips to highlight the points where this medium and the sphere of music part ways, as well as their reciprocal influences and connections (be they narrative, formal, structural, or conceptual). The program is intended as a way of giving free reign to the imagination while trying to reconcile a form of unreality and one of immateriality.