The Show

Version animée 2006 — Installations — 17 october - 17 december 2006

The exhibition that is part of the "Version" program will include a range of works in the field of the visual arts that question the many ways animation is being used. Given their multiplicity, the pieces involve various techniques and different forms of installation whose contents tackle political and poetic as well as social and architectural themes while using both traditional and experimental narrative modes.
The show will spotlight some 30 international artists, who have focused on the experience of a moment: a view of a city, a trial closely followed in the media, a vacation film, the life of a fish, and more. A selection of everyday scenes filled with humor and tenderness.

Kolkoz, installation for the film, Film de vacances, Miami

Version Animée is an exploration of new forms of narrative.
It seems to me then that two distinct temporalities are taking shape, the time of "doing," i.e., the artist's gesture, and the time of the narrative that the artist can modify at will. The unfolding and repetition of actions, the increasing number of temporalities, the mixing and remixing of images is overturning the limits of both movement and narrative, whereas the heritage of other media like early cinema, video art, digitally altered photography, illustration, and comic-book art has never been abandoned.
Our hope is to question what is at stake for animation through the many temporalities offered in the show. Animation as the playing out of recomposed time (Robin Rhode, Jacco Olivier), animation as a window on the world (Hans Op de Beeck, Avish Khebrehzadeh, Christine Rebet), animation in its reduction of time (Camille Henrot, Francis Alÿs), animation as a chance to (re)visit signifi cant historic facts thanks to the remixing of images (Koka Ramishvili, Kota Ezawa, Pia Rönicke), and fi nally animation as a fl ight from reality (Kolkoz, Jenny Perlin). Let's try then to grasp the conditions that make narrative possible!

Artistic direction: André Iten -- Invited curator : Laurence H Dreyfus -- Curator assistant : Isabelle Aeby Papaloïzos

Laurence H Dreyfuss:
Independant Curator , born in 1969, based in Paris, Laurence Dreyfus realised several shows through Europe, 2006, Animated Stories, Caixa Forum*, Barcelona, Bilbao. 2005, Sketch in Motion, Sketch, London. 2004, Central Station, collection H. Falckenberg*, La Maison Rouge, Paris. 2003-2004 Art Digital Video*. 2003, NANO* (Nano technology), PRAGUE BIENNALE* National Gallery, Republic Tchèque. 2002 Game over City, Frac Reims. 2001, Biennale de Lyon*. Coming : 2007, Histoires Animées, Le Fresnoy, Lille, France 2007.