Camille Henrot

Version animée 2006 — Installations — 17 october - 17 december 2006


Born in 1978, lives and works in Paris

Interested at first in printmaking, Camille Henrot later specialized in animation and has created both experimental films and video clips. She explores the representational codes of film animation and plays on the endless possibilities of representing and transforming reality. Henrot has employed a range of ways for creating in film such as scratching the film stock directly, and has reworked the cinema and its history as well as the very material of film.

Camille Henrot, The Minimum of Life (2006), Courtesy the Artist and Dominique Fiat, Galerie Paris

Version will be screening the film and showing the installation, The Minimum of Life, which are part of the very same project, created for this event.
«This installation mocks the idea of progress associated with evolution, transforming a totalizing representational scheme (the "ascent of man" sequence) into an empirical view. Through its re-appropriation of the scientific esthetic, the project offers the image of a conscious state emptied of all intelligence and any set project, left to its perceptive function alone.» C. Henrot
Work in co-production with the American Center Foundation.