Hans Op de Beeck

Version animée 2006 — Installations — 17 october - 17 december 2006


Born in 1969, lives and works in Brussels

Most of Hans Op de Beeck's works speak of distance, not only spatial and temporal distance but also the distance between individuals and the distance between the characters in his works and viewers. Even if his models are devoid of human figures, a number of his photos and videos are peopled with characters he observes or places in repetitive situations.

Hans Op Beeck, Loss (2004), Courtesy the Artist and Ronmandos Gallery, Rotterdam

This passage via a loop—a technique he employs in most of his video works—if perfectly in keeping with the image of the world he offers us. It is a world that spins like a mad merry-go-round, a world where everything is infinitely repeated and every attempt at communication either fails or seems to be for nothing. "Version" will show his work Loss (2004)