Robin Rhode

Version animée 2006 — Installations — 17 october - 17 december 2006


Born in 1976, lives and works in Berlin

Robin Rhode grew up in a suburb of Johannesburg. His art is strongly influenced by his South African roots and street culture (sports, music, and fashion). Rhode is convinced that art has a practical and educational function. He has proclaimed himself a contemporary revolutionary artist. His performances take place in public spaces, i.e., squares, the street, or parks, and explore issues revolving around the culture, identity, history and socio-economic realities of the new South Africa.

Robin Rhode, The Storyteller (2005), Courtesy the artist and Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York

He starts off his performances by drawing an initial motif on a wall with a stick of charcoal, then begins to interact in that tridimensionality and tell viewers a story.
"Version" will show his work, The Storyteller (2006)