Francis Alÿs

Version animée 2006 — Installations — 17 october - 17 december 2006

Francis Alys, The Last Clown, 2003, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

born in 1959, lives and works in mexico

What is fleeting, short-lived, transient is the central principle of Francis Alÿs's art. Alÿs trained as an architect and his work adopts a broad range of supports, from video, slides, and photography to drawing, painting, notes and cartography.
For nearly two decades Alÿs has been observing and exploring Mexico's anthropological space and social circumstances, fashioning from the situations he randomly encounters during his walks fables that lend a mythic dimension to urban reality. "Version" will show The Last Clown (2000).