Brian Holmes

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31 October - 14 December 2008

Saturday 1 November at 6 PM

The American theoretician Brian Holmes, who is based in France, is an active contributor
to the on-line community Nettime and a member of the editorial boards of several reviews specialized in the arts, including "Springerin," or dealing with politics and economics, such as "Multitudes." He is also one of the founders of the review "Autonomie Artistique."

Mr. Holmes will be on hand to comment on the German filmmaker Lutz Dammbeck's film "Das Netz" (screening at 3:30 PM), which deals with the connections between postwar cybernetics, the internet and our current society of security and surveillance. The American theoretician will give a talk entitled Filmer le monde-laboratoire, 'Das Netz' et l'histoire cybernétique. Center for Contemporary Images.


Brian Holmes'Lecture Video, Saturday 1st November 2008:
Filmer le monde-laboratoire, "Das Netz" et l'histoire cybernétique

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