Bureau d’études

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31 October - 14 December 2008

Xavier Fourt and Léonore Bonaccini

Wednesday 12 November at 6 PM

Bureau d'études, a group of French researchers, strives to disseminate the thinking of alternative researchers and organizing meetings and debates. The aim here is to increase the number of viewpoints on research that involves art and the sciences.

Bureau d'études is currently working on critical maps of the interconnections between research labs and art milieus, and has created Mapping the Laboratory Planet, the result of the group's developing a cooperative computer program that makes it possible to map the creative and decision-making sites of Laboratory Planet. It is an operational identification and orientation tool, an open-source database that enables one to visualize locations and concentrations of knowledge and power, in a word, a generator of maps.
Geneva University of Art and Design — Geneva.