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31 October - 14 December 2008

Caroline Bernard, Gwenola Wagon, Michiko Tsuda, Adla Isanovic

Graphism and drawings : Damien Guichard from Lili range le chat collective.

Hachioji : Hole in gap, 2008. The crossing of zebra times. Caroline Bernard (Lili range le chat), Michiko Tsuda Performance : Miwako Takano, Graphism and drawings : Damien Guichard (Lili range le chat).

Seeking to develop collaborative works in film, this collective of Swiss, French, Japanese and Bosnian artists creates cinema-oriented projects based on exchange where each participant places before the others their subjective view, which then makes it possible to elaborate "hybrid and polymorphous cinematographic games."

The project Migrateurs (Migrants) fits the logic of recording and hybridization through the use of lightweight, highly mobile means for filming such as cell phones. The collective's exchanges are then organized around appointed meetings (blogs, sms, etc.) and the images, shot in different countries and subsequently combined or contrasted, take on new meaning and new characteristics.

The title Migrateurs (Migrants) is a tribute to the heterotopic qualities of the network where images taken in a continuous movement become unstable nebulas and get organized in constantly reshaped migratory streams. Forms of image editing and interlacing are discovered through drawings, diagrams and the search of reticulated patterns. Shots come afterwards, as a second form of representation. The artists conduct their experiments in their own locations, but they meet during cultural meetings to weave tighter their film's weft.

Hachioji: Hole in gap, 2008.
The crossing of zebra times
Caroline Bernard (Lili range le chat), Michiko Tsuda
Performance : Miwako Takano
Graphism and drawings : Damien Guichard (Lili range le chat)
Sound master : Dominique Favre

A webcam controlled from Europe is synchronized to a second camera on site. A time full of jumps and gaps is described in its full complexity by the movements of the choreographer Miwako Takano. The editing builds itself in relation to the low refreshment frequency of the webcam. In every temporal hole, the second camera on site steps in and compensates the gaps of the shots from Europe.

Website: Hachioji : Hole in the gap

Six weeks of merged parallel lines, 2008.
Six weeks of merged parallel lines since only one straight line and its merged parallels can go through 2 points – Caroline Bernard
Technical support : Daniel Sciboz
Graphism and drawings: Damien Guichard
Sound mastering : Dominique Favre

The project is the result of six weeks of an almost identical journey (from January 7th, 2008 to February 14th, 2008), six weeks prescribed by the medical profession. All the trips to the medical center were filmed exclusively by means of a mobile phone. The repetition of the same route and the GPS indexation allow to weave a film with complex temporal strata, one enters a village, once, twice, thirty times, and by an ellipse one returns from day to day to the same place. The ambition is to weave with these repeated trips a kind of fathomless cinematic ribbon.
The film results from the geographical collage of the images, the list of latitudes and longitudes at the time of shooting creates the editing weft. The film weaves itself in a time identical to that of the live experience, it unfolds in the shape of a recomposed sequence shot.

The journeys were also the occasion to write and revisit tales, and other enigmatic and singular fictions. All these texts are included in a blog.

Website : Six semaines de parallèles confondues