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31 October - 14 December 2008

Tania Ruiz


Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez lives in Paris where she has worked as an independent artist since 1999. During this time, she has also lectured in the fields of film and art and completed a doctoral dissertation entitled "Studies about time and space in the moving image". She was born in Chile and grew up in Bogota, Colombia, where she studied film and television and directed a few fictions and documentaries. She turned to open-space video installations in 1997. Her programmed work,as well as her digital video pieces, have appeared in numerous international exhibitions and festivals gaining her considerable recognition in the field. She has travelled extensively to collect material for her work and has, on occasion, undertaken special video commissions for museums and other artists. In 2006 she was commissioned to create a monumental installation for the new Malmö 'Citytunneln' Central Station.

Her installation Quotidianness takes the form of individual animated kinetic sculptures through which viewers can watch filmed simulations of scenes from daily life. The piece is the prototype of an installation that is meant to be embedded in the ground of a public square. The microsculptures are activated according to predicted flows of pedestrian traffic.

Tania Ruiz, Quotidianness, installation, Tania Ruiz 2008