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31 October - 14 December 2008

Tatsuya Saito and Kumiko Idaka


A graduate of the Cinema and New Media School of the University of Tokyo, Kumiko Idaka now works there as a research assistant, developing projects around the concept of interactivity with the goal of transmitting messages via bodily interaction. Tatsuya Saito is a researcher at the Design and Media Arts Program at UCLA in the United States. He is interested in forms of artificial intelligence and our perception of what is alive.

For the project entitled Touching through Your Eyes, Seeing with Your Skin, Kumiko Idaka and Tatsuya Saito have created a piece of software they call iFlipBook which, when installed on an iPod Touch, enables the public to interact by using the touch screen of the iPod Touch in various ways. The image projected on the screen changes according to the movements of the person manipulating the device, creating different types of tactile qualities.

Tatsuya Saito and Kumiko Idaka, Touching through your Eyes, seeing with your Skin, interactive display, Tatsuya Saito and Kumiko Idaka 2008

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