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31 October - 14 December 2008

Golan Levin


Part of the teaching staff at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Golan Levin is an artist, musician and engineer interested in the development of artifacts and events that explore new modes of reactive expression. His works focus on the design of systems for the creation, manipulation and performance of images and sounds as part of an enquiry into the formal language of interactivity and of nonverbal transmission protocols in cybernetic systems.

Developed with the help of Greg Baltus, Opto-Isolator is a device that reverses the usual order between the audience and the work of art. The installation presents a single electronic eye that is able to move. The eye responds to visitors' winks and other eye movements with a whole palette of behaviors that are expressed through visual contact.

Golan Levin, Opto-Isolator, interactive display, photo : John Berens