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31 October - 14 December 2008

Nogo Voyages


The international agency Nogo Voyages offers a range of trips through the outskirts of cities as worlds unto themselves by applying the principles of experimental journeys and associating a certain method of travel with a specific site. The idea is to explore places that are familiar, banal or devoid of exoticism, along with known tourist destinations that have already been explored. The trip's aim isn't exhaustiveness or objectivity but interest mixed with partial approaches.

With the device Moillesulaz 1:1, visitors enter a 1:1-scale map that can only be consulted at the place that is in effect represented. They listen to sounds and thoughts at the very points where they occurred. Carried along by the interconnected subjective narratives told by outside observers, those taking part in the walk surrender and are guided through the contours of the uncanny, made up of the remains of the practices that shape and distort city environments. A geolocalized audio walk around the customs post of Moillesulaz. GPS devices are available at the exhibition. Take the number 16 tram to the Moillesulaz terminal, then follow the directions indicated on the document provided.
Informations and bookings at the Saint Gervais Genève desk or on the 022 908 20 20.

Nogo Voyages, Moillesulaz 1:1, interactive mapping at 1:1 scale, 2008