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31 October - 14 December 2008



The research project Coldcenter is an outcome of the Immédiat, arts and media postgraduate program of Geneva University of Art and Design — Geneva. The thinking embodied in this project is focused on the artistic possibilities found in the techniques of streaming in terms of networks, a reflection that considers once again the old dream of a "telepresence," approaching it with a critical eye in a context of information exchange and work on a global scale.

Postgraduate students will present several pieces created around the theme of teleworking
(also known as telecommuting), including the project Swiss on Secret from the collective U.M.S.K which involves interference with telephone lines in order to intercept and make public the private discussions and private debates of various actors in Swiss politics, and a piece by Benoît Billotte, ART CORP a potential multiplication of contemporary-art agencies as an international platform offering different addresses that are available for setting up a work area, a space for research, or a meeting place. The show will also feature a project by Mark Pasquesi and Museng Fischer alias IMP: The Living Room, a work of fiction developed around characters called The Guardians of Peace, who are committed to peace as their name suggests; a project by Oh Eun Lee, Untitled, which is a video based on YouTube images of the demonstrations that took place in Korea in June of 2008; and Scam on! by the temporary collective Secret Circle of Autonomous Media (Angela Marzullo, Annelore Schneider, Laurent Schmid and Maxime Schoeni), which deals with the scam behind the prospect of telecommuting.

Oh Eun Lee, Coldcenter Project, Untitled, video, Oh Eun Lee 2008